Are you interested in buying #gold and export from Ghana?

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Then YOU should first of all check and know the real #goldprice in Ghana which many #endsellers with their agents in Ghana are buying without being scammed and selling to #endbuyers and #investors both in and outside Ghana.

So YOU don’t waist your precious time,efforts and funds on cheap gold prices that really don’t exist in Ghana.

One such website to check the existing gold price in Ghana is the #GOLDPAGE on the website( and blog( of EXPLOITS GOLD AND CONSULT LTD.

Our GOLD PAGE will show YOU the world market price as to how it reflects and affect the gold price in Ghana for you to understand if you can do gold businesses in Ghana.

Gold Price in #Ghana depends on the competition between end sellers in Ghana and availability of their Funds so DON’T be deceived that gold is cheap in Ghana,Africa.