#Gold Industry being a human institution, there might be ups and downs with #professionals.

So there is a need to tolerate one another with patience and good relationship if only we see good in a person when there comes ups and downs.

MAX is my friend in the industry.I can call him many times but he won’t pick my calls or return my calls.He can call me but when I call back he won’t pick my calls.But I tolerated him for years.Then MAX connected me to his friend.

MAX’s friend upon many times requesting from me as a #Consultant to get different Investors Concession for #mining will fail to meet up when I even travel from the mining town to the main city to meet his Investors.

One day,he connected me to some investors who needed concessions urgently.So I fixed a meeting with his Investors which they didn’t fail.

We met for 2times but they didn’t choose my concessions I gave them.But I still tolerated them anytime they call me for my help.

Then one day these Investors of MAX’s friend had their partner from USA to #Ghana and ask me for a meeting.Surprisely,their partner offered me a Consultancy deal for their mining project and big #EXCAVATOR deal that could change my life since getting Excavators to rent is scares in Ghana now.