The saying that goes “History does repeat it’s self” has been proven here in #goldprice and #goldtrading this year 2021.

A year ago 5th March 2020 as can be seen in the pictures of reciept of gold I sold as a #miner and not as an #endseller,1 pound(7.75grams) of 23karat was sold at 2,100Gh Cedis .

Today 5th March 2021,due to the gold price that has fallen at the #worldmarket as can be seen in the gold price chart below,1pound 23karat gold is being sold for 2,100Gh Cedis in #Ghana.

This is a clear indication #gold as a precious metal follows a trend so those who really want to #invest in gold to make profits should rather buy gold DOWN NOW and HOARD so in few months time when gold price shoot up as history will repeat itself again,they sell it to make huge profit.

So following this analysis,if one buy1kg 23karat now at US $47,031.25(2,100Gh Cedis per pound) and after let’s say 3months time gold price shoots up to let’s US $51,332.17(2,300Gh Cedis per pound which I have history and facts to prove) then one will be making US $4,300.92 profit which is almost 10%.

For more info on this kind of Investment, book an appointment with me as a #Consultant to lead you through what we call “SEASONAL GOLD INVESTMENT”
Thank You!