Gold is a precious metal and very profitable as most people know worldwide.

But as a #professional who is new or so much interested and aggressive in #goldtade and #gold business, have you ever asked yourself these questions below:
🎯How is gold actually produced or mined to get it for sale?
🎯What is the actual reality of gold quantity miners produce a day,monthly and annually in a mining site?
🎯What does gold #miners go through to really produce gold?
As I have shown a scene in the video below.
🎯What and which funds does miners use to operate the gold Production?
🎯How do #endsellers with their agents and #endbuyers acquire gold to sell?

When you are able to ask yourself the above questions and search for answers for them through #consultants,miners and internet then you will know how to approach the gold business and

🔴 Stop commanding people to sell gold to you through CIF procedure.
🔴 Stop requesting huge quantity(tons and metric tons) of gold from miners and sellers.
🔴 Stop offering cheap prices with Commission to gold holders and miners
🔴Stop wasting your precious time and strategize YOURSELF to make real profitable deals in the gold Industry.

Get these KNOWLEDGE and be a WINNER in gold deals!