As gold price has shot up to US $2035.44 1ounce today at the world market so has gold prices shot up in Ghana.

The price of 23k gold 1pd is 2,610GH cedis in Ghana so it makes 1ounce 23k gold price to be US $1,809.35.

Owing to this rise in gold price among many other factors, Excavator rental prices have shot up drastically in Ghana.

So as a Consultant, I want to let the world know that as gold is a hotcake commodity so Excavators too has become a second hotcake to gold in the Mining Industry of Ghana now.

Miners of all types of Mining are in need of Excavators to rent to produce more gold because without Excavators mining is impossible.

Now Excavators Rental charges are ranging from US $433.27 to US $606.55 for 8hours work without the owner of the Excavator buying fuel but bares only maintenance cost and Operator’s salary.

So imagine if an Excavator works for 16hours daily for 1month,how much profit one will make as owner owning such an investment? Calculate for yourself as an investor and financier if you are interested in such Investment.

Our company outsource Excavators to miners so if you want to know the details of this business and join us with Excavators,Contact Us: