Since gold price shot up above US $1500 per ounce there has been a tremendous and high tension in search for gold bars to purchase, which I term it “high gold price fever” in  as Ghana is among the highest gold producing countries in Africa.

Why Gold Fever?
For the past 3months I’ve heard and witness end buyers, investors, financiers, businessmen, etc. rush to Ghana to stay in 5star hotels in search of gold to buy not at the correct existing market prices but cheap as low as US $32,000,$35,000 and even $40,000 per kg.

All these people waste their time, company funds and personal money without getting gold bars to buy thinking there is NO GOLD in Ghana.

But as you can see in the pictures below, my company sold gold to end seller.

I see end sellers taking 2kgs,5kgs and even 20kgs of gold bars to Accra for export because they buy gold at correct existing market price which ranges from 1% to 5%discount of LBMA from miners and agents.

So Exploits Gold and Consult Com. Ltd as a mining, concessions and gold bars consultancy and brokerage firm can assist you to invest in realistic gold buying, mining to get your gold at 20% discount to hoard to wait for gold price shoot up to make huge profit later.