As humans and Professionals we need to be patient and tolerate anyone we meet both offline and online. Humans are blessings even if you see or have bad ones since nothing good can happen in one’s life without passing through a human if it’s even spiritual beings that does them. Let me share some true stories with you: 💥An unknown person to me sent a connection request from hashtag#Canada, Kofi.D H. which I accepted. He wrote a short mail to me asking of my company documents and exchange his WhatsApp number with me. He wrote me on WhatsApp to still send my company documents and my personal clarifications which I questioned with angerness how should I do without any realistic business discussion between us. He just cut of our chat went off line. But I kept his contact for months without chatting each other. After some months I sent him a post I wrote and he responded good. He asked me to meet him in Accra, hashtag#Ghana since he has flew from Canada to Ghana.I traveled from Kumasi, Ashanti Region to meet him for discussion on hashtag#gold. To my surprised we conclude on doing real genuine productive business and we have become like a family now. So let’s learn to be patient and tolerate others and with time patience and tolerance will produce blessings to us.