Investment as its dictionary meaning implies “(finance)A placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from it’s use or appreciation”, needs to be looked at in the gold Industry as not only pertaining to buying gold or gold mining. One can have machinery and equipment as a form of Investment in the gold Industry without even seeing or holding gold and still make huge profit or income in the same way as involving yourself in gold mining or gold trading in Ghana. There are so many machinery one can choose but Excavators are the most needed and hotcake form of investment one can do, to operate in Rental Services to miners and mining companies. As a consultant, I will say there are so many Excavators in Ghana even at the mining towns BUT miners and mining companies have their choice of excavators like Chinese types (Liungon, Sany, XCMG, Hyundai) and others JCB, DOSANG which they need so much to rent because of their good fuel consumption but Excavator Sales Companies are much interested in sale and not renting them out. For more info on Excavators Investment and the reasons it is a hotcake business too, read more from Our Blog and Contact us Email: