What Is Needed? hashtag#linkedinfamilyhashtag#caregivinghashtag#stayathomehashtag#quoteoftheweekhashtag#love Corona virus pandemic has made life awkward, lonely and unexpected for most people everywhere in the world no matter your position and profession. As a hashtag#consultant ,I have chatted with different professionals from various countries like United Arab Emirates, Canada, Great Britain, Turkey, Nigeria, Australia and China. I got to know all these people through hashtag#linkedin as LinkedIn is a more than a social media to me. One conclusion I draw out of the chats I had with all these professionals, is that there is a need for care and love for each other no matter what. Check on and encourage each other on ones priorities of life to hold on to them and know there is hope for the end of this hashtag#coronavirus pandemic. So this week these professionals checked on me, chatted with me and encouraged me on my priorities and gave hope and joy that I’ve never expected. They are William Steventon, Kofi.D H. , Emmanuel Osei Poku, Vicky Yang , BENSON OLUWASEUN OYEWOLE , Delia Rodrigues, Kwesi Ntodi Anim Adu and Lucy Owire. I say big THANK YOU to Mr. William Steventon for your advice and encouragement you gave me.