Gold has its realistic price from even the source it is got from before it goes into the hands of gold buying agents then to End Sellers who sells them to an End buyer or a Merchant. So no one with his/her money and documents on gold trade can determine gold price for a miner, royal family, gold buying agent and even an End Seller to sell their gold to them at a cheaper discount LBMA price.

Price of gold in Ghana, if you want to know the genuine gold ore and smelted Gold Price with proves weekly in Ghana, visit the Goldprice Page on the website of EXPLOITS GOLD AND CONSULT COMPANY LIMITED. So you don’t waste your time,energy and research on cheap gold price and offers on the internet because those who really mine,holds and trade in gold in Ghana don’t want your funds, trust and time wasted since they need them to produce more kilograms of gold to supply to agents and end buyers who will buy gold at the world accepted discount LBMA price. For more information, visit our website and blog with the proves of gold we sell each week to end sellers here in Ghana. Follow us on Our Gold Price Page and YouTube channel to see our gold dealings. Or Email Us: