I know the world by now have known much about the corona virus and its effect on the world and it’s economy so no need to talk much about it since I’m not a doctor or economist but a gold mining and trade consultant in Ghana. Now from the 2nd picture is a gold I sold just last week which one can see from the date that 1pound of 23karat gold was 2020gh cedis(US $364.62).The 1st picture(1ounce) was just Saturday gold I sold which price was 1750gh(US $315.88) for 23karat. So one can see how the price has fallen drastically in Ghana just due to the effect of CORONA VIRUS which

  • Has made most real foreign end sellers and end buyers travel back to their countries due to prevention.
  • Has made funds transfers from real gold end buyers bank to Ghana seized now because they can’t follow to Ghana to export their gold back
  • Has made most real Gold exporters to short funds to buy gold because most of them have bought gold both in bars and pieces like the one in the pictures but cannot ship them to their various countries.

Although from this picture gold price HASN’T FALLEN DRASTICALLY on the world market. For more explanation to gold price in Ghana as compared to world price which is still good, Contact Us Email: info@exploitsgoldconsult.com