Best Moment for gold investment is now or never. Best Moment for gold mining is now or never. Best Moment for Investors, Financiers and End buyers to invest in gold mining is now or never. √Why??? The reason why I categorically and concretely state all the above as a mining Consultant is that when you mine gold now, your producing price will be low but you will have a high selling price for gold as gold price has shoot up at world market despite the high depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi to the US dollar as shown in the charts below. WARNING: This is not the best Moment for greedily going after gold to buy it cheap price or else you won’t pay me for this free consultancy advice but you will pay dearly with your purchasing funds at a great lost…. £$€¢!!! For more info, Consultancy and genuine mining deals or contracts in Ghana, Contact Us: Exploits Gold and Consult Com. Ltd Email: Skype: albert777622